As bride & groom’s wedding theme is Javanese Peranakan, POLA is inspired by Tiga Negeri (Three Kingdom Batik) batik for it’s visualisation. The philosophy of Tiga Negeri fits perfectly with Javanese Peranakan concept since the batik itself is a union of three cultures, namely Chinese, Dutch, and Java. The batik colouring is also a mixture of three different regions in Java; Lasem, Pekalongan, and Solo.

Tiga Negeri batik usually comes in red, blue, and brown, which represents each regions. Red for the majority of Chinese ethnic in Lasem, blue from Pekalongan, and sogan brown from Solo. Our job is to incorporate these classical features in Tiga Negeri batik into POLA invitations which are more likely modern.

Size & format: 14 x 21 cm
Finishing: Gold foil & Emboss
Additional items: Holy matrimony (Insertion)