We are Cempaka Surakusumah and Sabrina Febriyani, two individuals with an excitement for creativity. We share a common belief that design and illustration has a transformative power to inspire and express messages in a way that people can relate to. This was something realized by Mas Eric Widjaja who we worked for back at a Thinking*Room, a graphic design company he owns. He saw that we shared the same passion so in that spirit, we teamed up and developed PoLA Artistry along with Mas Eric himself as a co-founder.

You might wonder how we came up with the name. It might not be a made-up word we dreamt of one night and thought it had a perfect ring to it, but it has the right meaning to what we want to convey. Like most people, we have daily routines that we go through from day to night, each person's unique from the other. These routines create a pattern which helps us identify with one another. Hence the name PoLA, which means pattern in our native language.  

Since we like to design for different things, our services are divided by two categories. As a response to the need for simple, clean yet timeless wedding invitations we came up with PoLA Invitation that aims to create invitations people can look back to and still be thrilled with the design. At the same time, we enjoy creating visual dialogues using design thinking techniques adding hints of quirkiness into our simple designs, thus we also came up with PoLa Product.

We're fun to work with and available for questions, advice and anything else you might need during the collaborative process. Hope to work with you soon!